Freethrow100 has a vision.  We aim to build the largest most inclusive sporting community in the world based around the simple challenge of shooting 100 free throws.

Be taking the confluence of technology, social media and sport, we can for the first time create a truly global league.  The barriers to entry are so low that the number of participants is only limited to the buzz around the challenge and the motivations of every basketball player out there.

Our dream began from the depths of the Corona virus pandemic and our goal is to create a community of Freethrow100 players who will then have the chance to be crowned the worlds best Freethrow100 player.

An annual event open to anyone,  to find the best of the best.  Glory awaits.

Old, young, bad knees, it doesn´t matter.  This is gaming at the next level.


Come join us.  It is going to be a lot  of fun.

  • Admin – Data security stuff – There are no cookies or anything like that tracking website visitors on Freethrow100.com  If you join us and send an email address, rest assured, these will not be passed on to anyone else.



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