One World

 One Community

 One Challenge

1. The Challenge

It´s simple.  100 Freethrows.  How many can you drop?  Where do you rank in the world, in your team, in your town?

2. How to Join Us

Record yourself shooting 100 Freethrows.  Upload with whatever details you want to share.  Become a validated FREETHROW100 player.

3. Your Rank

Watch compare, share.  From NBA stars to high school ballers in Chile.  Where do you rank?. Legitimate bragging rights on record.

450 million of us play ball.  Lets play and share together.

Get a friend and a camera.  Make a clear shot of a free throw.  Hit record. 100 shots only.  Your friends can pass the ball back or you can rack them up.  A Basketball Challenge for all basketball players.

Join the community.  Become a registered Freethrow100 player.  Watch the youngest, the oldest, the best.  From Auckland to Berlin to Los Angeles – wherever there is a hoop and a will.  Who has the best shot.  Watch friends.  Sign up for competitions streamed live.

Are you on FREETHROW100?

Step up or step away.